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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Still Not Tired...

The title says it all...

These Photos of Sad Brooklyn Hipsters in a Bar Watching the Comey Hearing Are Hilarious

Go. Look. Enjoy.


  1. Physiognomy is real. And it's quite hilarious to see so many low-T, low-E androgynous hipsters in one place; it just makes the probability of success of an orbital KEW strike so much higher.

  2. All of 'em looking for that Magic Bullet(tm) that will destroy the Alt-Right, Trump, and All-Things-Bad-Feels.

    Now, they beg that Saint Darwin will provide the mystic White House tapes that will make everything right --er, um, OK -- with their slice of Unreality again.

    I need another thermos for Looney Leftist Tears.