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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pacific Rim Soundtrack - Main Theme

Until I get around to reviewing it, suffice it to say I absolutely love this movie. Yes, it's corny. Yes, physics and engineering are violated so many ways that they went home and cried. But I still love it. The robots, the directing, the characters. And it believes in people, with only the aliens viewing humanity as a plague to be wiped out.

And the soundtrack is awesome. No, it's not perfect, but it fits this giant cornball movie to a tee, taking itself just seriously enough, and turning the "epic" up to 11.
I want to highlight the main theme here today. This piece matches the tone of the whole film - epic, heroic, and yes, power chords utterly appropriate to  building-sized robots moving through cityscapes and knocking down buildings. It perfectly captures the courage and determination of the "cancelling the apocalypse" speech, the mass and might of the Jagers, and their floating, ponderous grace. 
Elements from this theme show up in the rest of the tracks, playing to different emotional cues, as well.


  1. I love that movie. As the Honest Trailer for it states, it is either the most awesome dumb movie ever made, or the dumbest awesome movie ever made.

    Either way, it's brilliant. And the soundtrack is part of that awesomeness.

    1. Hadn't seen the honest trailer on it, but that sounds... spot on.

      Del Toro is a fantastic fucking director, even if he, like many europeans, is a bit too enamored with fascists-bad/commies good (Pan's Labyrinth was still a fantastic flick...). The opening, that concisely shows you everything you need to know about the Jagers while effortlessly blending it into the story instead of as an infodump was up there with the best of James Cameron (a man who has fallen nearly as far as George Lucas. Further - Cameron was truly gifted in his prime, not merely competent and lucky)