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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Vox introduces Eric Raymond's open letter to the Democrats as follows:
 ESR writes one in the faint hope they will react reasonably and learn from their unexpected defeat:


Ok, now that I've stopped laughing - tempered by the fact that no matter how much I knew things would not be the walkover Democrats expected the morning of November 8th, that things were still uncertain as to victory - let's get to the term "Unexpected".

It's been an ongoing meme for the last eight years every time a failure predicted by those opposing a Democrat policy came about, to snark about it by mentioning that it was "unexpected."

Health insurance costs rose? "Unexpectedly" - and so forth. Amazing how often the "unexpected" came about - and if you only listen to the left, it is unexpected.

It's worth reading the comments at Vox's, and at Eric's article, but it's also worth noting here that the left has been living in a bubble for years. 

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