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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Marching Music

Since I'm in a musical mood today, the Didact recently reminded me of a favorite song that I can chalk up to my "Damn You John Ringo" files.

While there are bits and pieces of Nightwish that sound vaguely like Celtic music turned rock, this acoustic Heather Alexander bit with bagpipes is one of the most epically bloody minded METAL songs you will ever hear, despite being a folk/filk piece, promising to the enemy nothing less than "how many of them can we make die?"

In light of the events at Berkeley the other day, it's feeling... appropriate.


  1. I remember this song from one of the Kris Longknife novels where it was used to jam an enemy's comm network while fending off a planetary invasion.

  2. Hadn't read those, I learned of it courtesy of Ringo's "Council Wars" novels, and as it turns out, nearly simultaneously, SM Stirling used it in the "modern" branch of his dies the fire series