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Friday, February 24, 2017

Cruxshadows: Return (Coming Home) (Assemblage 23 Remix)

Having been introduced to the Darkwave/Goth band the Crüxshadows courtesy of John Ringo's books, it was now off to the races to find more of their stuff, and so I stumbled, not into Ethernaut, from which "Winterborn" and "Citadel" were pulled, but one of their remix albums Frozen Embers.

There are a few interesting retakes here, but my favorite in many ways is the only remix I like of Return - the Assemblage 23 remix. Since Ethernaut went with a Trojan War theme, and given their penchant to refer to myth and religion, I'm fairly sure the song refers to, or was inspired by, Odysseus.

Return (Coming Home)

I've seen the terrible hand of struggle
and felt the pain the hubris brings
I have tasted the wisdom of divinity
and the horror of its sting

And though they tell you i am lost
and their words report my death is come

the fates have left me breathing still
very much alive

And though my mind is cut by battles
fought so long ago
I return victorious
I am coming home
And if the paths that I have followed
have tread against the flow

there is no need for sorrow
I am coming home

For the distance I have traveled
upon an ocean of despair
have led me back into your arms once more
an answer to a little prayer

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