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Monday, March 6, 2017

MetalMonday - the Call of the Mountains

Ok. My tastes - as noted elsewhere - are varied. I spent most of this last weekend listening to Eric Raymond's "Intricate Fire" Pandora list. It's self described as "I'm a long-time jazz fusion fan who has more recently gravitated to virtuoso guitarists and a harder, more metal-edged sound." and is rooted in bands like Liquid Tension Experiment, with odds and ends of Satriani and harder metal popping in. This also explains why my collection, even before Spotify and similar streaming services were readily available, included bands like the Cruxshadows that are kinda-sorta darkwave but incorporate violins, and Voltaire, who can be best described as "acoustic goth-punk" (though he has done country).

So on an unrelated note, I'm utterly amazed, but unsurprised to discover the following. Check out the video. Yes, those are bagpipes. and a harp, and a lute, a... nevermind.

Call of the Mountains, by Eluveitie.

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  1. It's probably my favourite song by that band. I've been a fan of theirs for a while, their best album is still almost certainly Slania, but Helvetios and Origins come pretty close.

    They're also quite good live- or at least, they WERE, right up until about half the band split away because of some sort of "musical differences" disagreement with mainman Chrigel.

    I remember seeing them play "The Call of the Mountains" live. They introduced the song and Anna Murphy told the crowd that they'd recorded it in 5 different languages: English, French, Italian, Swiss German, and Romansch. They gave the crowd a choice as to which language they would sing it in- and an entirely American crowd basically all voted for Schwyzerduutsch.

    It was quite a novel experience.